Sourcing Amazon FBA Products

It is no surprise that Amazon dominates the e-commerce space. If you are an FBA seller, Ali Baba is the first stop to look for suppliers. Due to the high fees, language barrier, and technical skills, small and medium-size Turkish manufacturers steer away from Ali Baba. Most FBA sellers have no idea how to access these suppliers in Turkey. My Sweet Cotton is a specifically designed e-commerce platform for Turkish-made products, and it gives opportunities to suppliers to list their products for Global buyers. My Sweet Cotton eliminates most of the steps for sellers so sellers could easily source their products from Turkey. We take care of logistics, customer service, and product accuracy and quality. 

Here are some of the reasons why Turkey is a good place to outsource your products.


Powerful Production capacity

Turkey is one of the powerhouses in Europe for textile production, it has significant production capacity.

Cheap Labor

 As of today, February 2022, the minimum wage is in Turkey is $314 or 271 Euro monthly or $1.96 or 1.69 Euro hourly. Despite the minimum wage being significantly higher than most East Asian countries, It is still a lot cheaper than in Europe and North America.

Fast Transportation

The geographic location gives a significant advantage to Turkey for fast and cheap transportation to Europe and North America. 


In Turkey, the textile industry makes up a very large chunk of its economy. The country employers almost 1 million workers throughout tens and thousands of textile companies. Furthermore, textiles make up almost a quarter of all its exports. Turkish textile has superior quality over its competitors. 

Environmental Safety

Turkey is one of a select few countries that mandate that all its textile manufacturers comply with internationally accepted environmental standards. As an example, unlike many Far East and Asian countries, Turkey bans the use of carcinogenic dyes. This results in more environmentally safe products.

Low MOQ’s

When you’re first starting in the business, you’re not interested in buying in bulk quantities of 1000, 10,000, or even 100,000. Not only is it not feasible on your budget, but it’s also full of risk. It’s much better to take the time to slowly build your way up to those levels. Along the way, you’ll find out if the manufacturer can maintain quality with the quantity.

It just so happens that Turkish clothing manufacturers offer some of the lowest ‘minimum order quantity (MOQ) rates in the world. We’re talking MOQ’s as low as 100 to 300, which is pretty amazing for this industry!

The point is that Turkey is much better suited for fashion designers and artists who are just starting out and thus not interested in bulk orders