What Makes Turkey a Great Apparel Sourcing Destination for Europe?

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Over the recent years, Turkey has emerged to be one of the most prominent locations for sourcing in Europe. The fashion industry contributes a lot to the flourishing of the Turkish economy. As per the reports of the market research in 2015, textiles comprise of the largest share of 18.5% of total goods exported from Turkey. Though the nation has gone through disruptions in the political sphere, it has always been ahead of others in supplying apparel to Britain. Turkey is a central market for several UK fashion brands and traders. Though procurement in Turkey is expensive as compared to their counterparts in Asia, Turkish companies can provide delivery of products in short order and on a frequent basis. The level of production costs in Turkey is higher in comparison to common Far East sourcing places.

Turkey provides a well-developed supply chain, where buyers can get almost every fabric, embroidery and cleansing required for the maintenance of garments in the country. The nation is recognized worldwide for its fashionable textiles and clothing manufacturing commerce. As per reports of the Ministry of Economy, Turkey exported US$ 8.9 billion stitched garments in 2015, US$ 5.9 billion in net ready wear and US$ 1.9 billion in readymade costumes. This show how Turkey sourcing these days can be profitable for business owners.

As the producers in Turkey are efficient in manufacturing a diverse range of fabric and finishes, all activities related to garment production can be carried out in the country with ease. They offer high-quality garments and that too at very cheap rates. The country consists of a good deal of denim mills, who can manufacture excellent designer jeans.

Reasons for Which Turkey Has Achieved Huge Success in Garment Sourcing

Following are the main factors as to why Turkey has emerged to be an ideal country for apparel sourcing:

# Low labor costs: Turkey textile industry consists of approximately 4 million employed people and is worth about $20 billion. The country exports around 60% of its textiles, making it one of the top ten manufacturers of polyester and wool in the world.

# Skilled workers: Turkey comes with a huge workforce who are capable to work for longs hours at a stretch to manufacture a lot of textiles for export. The reason behind the significant growth in Turkey’s textile exports is due to the expiration of an ancient quote system in the year 2005. Though they were not capable of performing according to the production standards they wish for, but their evolution in recent years is really commendable. Turkey, which was once considered to be a fictional textile industry in the 1960s has steadily proved to be one of the best producers of apparels in the world.

# Inexpensive materials: Turkey is the 7th biggest producer of low-priced cotton across the world. Apart from exporting the material, they also make use of it to manufacture the garment. The apparel industries earn profits by exporting readymade clothes rather than only shipping it to other parts of the globe. The United States, Germany, Russia, and China are the preeminent receivers of these textile exports.

An Analysis of Turkey’s Design Specialties

Turkish suppliers are constantly working on the development of their design capabilities to manufacture the trendy garment. Since the past 10 to 15 years, Turkey has been ahead of others in terms of managing design departments in its factories. Buyers go to the factories to have a look at their trendy collections and pick out the best from the stock. The design teams based in Turkey are highly experienced and they go to several stores to keep themselves updated with the latest trends to create something new and different from others.


Being a European country, Turkey could easily embrace the European policies for producing top-notch garments. It deserves to get addressed as one of the leading manufacturers of some of the world finest textiles. As the apparel industry has shifted its focus to quality of the garment, making Turkey procurement of clothing worth for business owners. Manufacturers have to produce premium apparels in Turkey since decades and they have made a prominent place of themselves in the world. The ‘Made in Turkey’ label on a particular apparel indeed gives it an edge over others.

Whenever shopping enthusiasts go for buying garments, they get to see endless options. Turkey, being a dominant global textile and fashion economy guarantees their most garments are to be of the finest standards. Clothes manufactured in Turkey are appropriate for the buyers from every part of the world. The Turkish manufacturers put to use the cutting edge equipment and superior quality cotton and polyesters to design beautiful, fashionable and affordable apparels for the buyers.

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